Tuesday, December 4, 2012


1. When you make a mess are you more likely to clean it up right away, or do you get to it later?
I normally always pick it up right after i make the mess. I don't want someone else to have to do.

2. Do you like to have croutons in your salad?
I do but it depends mostly on the salads

3. Which do you find more irritating - sunburn or bug bites?
Bug bites. Sunburn hurts but is easier to treat personally for me.

4. What shape / type of fry do you like best [waffle fry, curly fry, steak fry, sweet potato fry, tater tot, etc.]?
Waffle is my absolute favorite and then steak and curly, plus tater tots

5. What is your favorite way to eat a potato? Did you know that potatoes contain a toxin that can cause confusion & weakness?
I like spuds with meats and cheeses on it. I don't think that is true...

6. Do you prefer baked pretzels or the bagged, crunchy variety? Or perhaps you don't like pretzels at all?
Baked... unless its the crunchy honey mustard pretzels

7. If you were to take a relaxing bath, would you opt for bubbles or no bubbles? If yes to the bubbles, any particular scent?
Bubbles, and I love most scents except for lavender.

8. Have you ever used bath beads?

9. What do you look forward to the most about the colder times of the year?
Christmas, sweater dresses, and more clothing options

10. Which could you better tolerate - sitting in a room with a constantly-screaming baby, or sitting in a room with a blaring siren going off, both for an hour's duration?
Sitting in a room with a constantly-screaming baby. I can tolerate that. I couldn't tolerate a siren going off. that stuff annoys me. I can put up with the baby.

11. Did you ever believe there was a magical world hidden within your wardrobe / closet? Did you ever wish there was?
No but I did dream of an Owl bringing me a letter.....

12. What is one song that always makes you feel nostalgic when you hear it? What does it remind you of precisely?
Achy Breaky Heart Daddy sang that to me in Paris and everyone thought he was nuts.

13. What material was the last item you broke made out of [it could even be a torn piece of paper]?
Plastic, hanger

14. Did your parents fill out a baby book for you when you were growing up? If so, have you ever looked at it before? If not, do you wish that they had?
They did and I love it.

15. What are some items you miss from your childhood that you held close to your heart? What was so special about it / them?
I miss my art case. My then new stepsister pour black paint over it.

16. Do you find it stupid that entertainers make more money than doctors, who spend their lives helping save other people's lives? Do you think that entertainment is really that important?
I think it's completely stupid. I think majority of the time entertainers are most likely either drunk or high before taking stage. I think doctors deserve to make twice as what the entertainers make. Entertainment is not all that important.

17. Have you ever had Christmas lights turned on when it was nowhere near December?
Yes (Listen to the songs called What She likes by Evan & Jaron)

18. How does your family usually decorate the Christmas tree, if your family celebrates Christmas?
My dad puts up three trees. I put up the same. One with cookie ornaments, he puts one up outside with popcorn, berries, and pine cones dipped in birdseed, I put one up in my bedroom, and we both put the biggest one up in our living room. :)

19. Given the option, which of these worlds would you be more likely to want to live in - Halloween Town, Hogwarts, Narnia, Wonderland? What is the reason behind your choice?
WHAT?!?!?! HOGWARTS VS HALLOWEEN TOWN!?!?!?! YOU ARE MAKING ME PICK!?!? Ughhhhh Hogwarts with trips to Halloweentown!!!

20. Do you more often receive a gift, gift card, or money for your birthday / on holidays?
It used to be gifts but as I grow up I get more and more money and gift cards

21. What has been the most embarrassing, or uncomfortable, doctor visit you have ever experienced?
My first gyno visit...Really ask nice me can the interns watch? I think God was testing my niceness that day...

22. Have you ever had to hang your clothes out on a clothesline? Do you find that more or less efficient than using a dryer?
I do some still, well not clothes but I hang my towels on my balcony that faces the woods :) They absorb soooo much more water. Yes we didn't used to have a dryer at home (come on we still had a pump in the kitchen for water.)

23. Do you prefer to learn on your own, or to be taught how to do things? Which one is easier for you?
It depends on what i'm being taught. I like to teach myself a lot if it's technology based.

24. If you needed help with homework when you were a kid, or even now, who did / would you go to?
My older brothers

25. Where do you think is the worst / most uncomfortable place to itch at?
I don't know.

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