Monday, December 3, 2012

Sick Season...

Winter marks the beginning of so many great things, but it also means that the sick season is also now with us. And here in my region of the US it's awful because one day we will have balmy nice weather and the next it's a frigid cold air. I myself get an occasional cold. Below are things I can't make it without.

Vick's Vapor Rub - The rumor going around that it helps with coughing when you put it on your feet is true! Plus it helps with sinuses.

Nostrilla - Hands down and up and all around. I live for this nasal spray! It is instant! If they ever go out of business or stop selling it near me I am completely going to not be able to breath when I have a cold or sinus issues.

Kleenex Cold Tissue - This is the most amazing thing. These kleenexes are always cold. It's great for a nose that is puffy and has mucus running out of it. It doesn't make the blotchiness worse

In addition to Kleenex Cold tissue I recommend Boogie wipes too! They dissolve boogies that are just gross. I have several friends that are moms (even though I'm a mom now I haven't crossed this bridge yet thankfully) and they all recommend these.

Cough syrup - I am not picky, because honestly every time I start to cough it likes to pick and choose its battles against cough syrup will make it go away. I do like Mucinex DM, and Mucines Cold & Sinus in liquid form it seems to really help.

Warm socks! I highly recommend getting some aloe socks when getting a cold or sinus infection. The ones I love the most came from Bath & Body Works.

These are the products I use the most when sick or not feeling well. I hope they help you!

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