Saturday, December 1, 2012

Miami Here We Come!!!

After the night I had last night I needed this sight! That's right Alabama beat Georgia! All of my emotions were in those last 15 seconds. Seriously I think seconds on a game clock are longer than real time. Because I know it takes me like 30 seconds to move 5 steps back and lurch forward and throw a ball, but during a game it's only 5 seconds.

Last night my best friend was dealing with self harming herself; my boyfriend and I actually had to bust down her door because she had lost so much blood she was dizzy. She is going to be ok. We started her on the Butterfly project but more on that this coming Wednesday. We haven't let her leave our sight. She likes my boyfriend's triplet brother so she got to hang out with him all day.

So we are piled up on the floor at Erica's watching the game. I am nervous as crap. I was decorating a tiny tree to take back to our house in Tuscaloosa. That game was awful to watch. However, I was dying to watch it and for us to win. Those last 30 seconds of that game. Georgia pushing the line and by a freaking miracle and players being well trained to catch a ball... "ALABAMA WON!!!!" If that Georgia guy hadn't of caught that ball oh I think I would have died.

Ok so I know I this is a future post. That's because WE ARE GOING TO MIAMI!!! Chris gets a special package since he is holders of season Alabama tickets! So 45 minutes after Alabama won the game my fate was set I am going to Miami for the Championship! I have full faith that Alabama will dominant! This is going to be awesome!!!

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