Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Cheer

1. If you were pregnant, how would you tell the father? 
Omg.... In a six foot hole I would shout at him that I was pregnant.

2. What's the hardest level you can play on Guitar Hero? 
I don't remember

3. Is your iTunes on shuffle? 
Yes at the moment it is

4. Do you call it pop or soda? 
Lol I'm from the south where we call it coke or drink.... :)

5. If you eat lunch at school, how much does it cost you?
i don't eat lunch at school.

6. Are you one of those people who hate crying in front of others?
no, i don't mind. actually, it depends around who though.

7. What ever happened with you and your first boyfriend? 
Um technically on my first real boyfriend and we are really serious... I'm old fashion and it took me 23 years to find a guy I like.

8. What's something that made you laugh last night? 

9. Does the last person you kissed have freckles? 

10. Is there a difference between kitchen and bathroom water? 
I think here there is.(& I honestly thought I was the only one who thought that)

11. If you think so, what do you like better?
I like the kitchen water the best.

12. Name someone you know with their lip pierced: 

13. Chicken or shrimp alfredo? 
shrimp alfredo.

14. How many songs by AC/DC do you have on your iPod? 

15. What's better; shuffle or bolding surveys? 

16. How many letters long is the name of the town you live in or nearest to? 

17. Do you shave your arms? 

18. What's your favorite country song? 
Right now? .Mary and Joseph - Tim McGraw

19. Do you think Obama is going to be able to fix all the problems America is facing? 

20. Romney or Obama?

21. If you have siblings, who do you think will be married first, you or them? 
Them since one already is

22. Did you ever watch 'Boy Meets World'? 

23. Chicken or steak? 

24. What is the worst thing a former boyfriend/girlfriend has done to you? 
Emotionally suffocated me and exaggerated things 

25. What's your favorite kind of cereal? 
Cinnamon toast crunch

26. Best movie kiss? 
A Walk to Remember

27. If you were throwing a huge party, and you could pick any 3 bands to play, who would you pick? 
Westlife (I know they have disbanded), a7x, and The Puppini Sisters

28. Do you shut off your computer at night? 

29. Would you rather have a flying car or a time machine? 
a time machine.

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