Saturday, December 8, 2012


Holiday parties are here! Yep I have quite a few lined up. This coming Friday is the kick off for parties. Tonight we are heading to see the Rockettes! I have seen them before here at the Gaylord Hotel in Nasvhille but this time I am getting to share the experience with Jackjack and Mary Ann (though she has actually seen them at Radio City.) 

The blogs will be short this week if they get posted at all because finals are all this week and the week after. I'm sorry in advance for the late posting.

I'm off to get ready in the cramped little hotel bathroom! There are 5 of use including Jackjack in a room. And 3 out of the 4 are obsessed with how they look including myself. There is more hair products on the counter than in Ulta and make up of all sorts. It's very crazy in our bathroom. 

Along with everything else that is crazy this week... A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow which was very spur of the moment and also my cousin is thinking her twins may come sometime this week!

I will let you know how the performance goes I promise!

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