Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 3: Drugs and Drinking

This was a difficult blog for me.

One, I've been drinking since I was 6 years old. I wasn't raised in the states. I was raised in France. Wine has always been a part of my life. The only time I can remember not drinking wine was when my dad became Baptist. After that there was never wine in the house again. I hated Baptists (sorry not all of you are bad) and I changed. I am happy with Methodist. We offer both wine and grape juice at our communion.
I do not like beer. I can drink champagne. Vodka is alright. Whiskey is really good as well. Rum and I don't get a long unless I'm cooking with it or if Erica makes me a Flaming Blue Lamborghini. I've been wasted twice in my lifetime and that's completely good enough for me. I drink a glass of wine every day and that's about it.

I hate, hate, hate, hate smoking! It's actually banned in our neighborhood. If you get caught smoking in our neighborhood you are fined $150 automatically, even if you are visiting because we have signs posted on the entry way. Is that legal? Yes, as a neighborhood we agreed on it. We had too many fires and too many people allergic to it. So don't like it? Don't come to our neighborhood probably wouldn't want you there anyhow.

I have dipped. It's better than smoking it doesn't stink at all, or at least the mint that I had didn't. It doesn't bother me. Most people I know don't dip a whole lot any how and I do it when hunting.

Drugs? My fiance has pretty much turned me against drugs. Unless you are severely ill, cancer, pneumonia, etc. I no longer worry about being a diabetic thanks to techniques that my fiance has shown me. I am not a bad diabetic so I don't have to worry too bad about my blood sugar. As far as marijuana no I haven't been around it but once and I swear to God I never want to be around it again.  I have never touched pills that weren't mine. My stepmom would tell me to take my brothers medicine and I would usually just flush whatever it was she gave me.

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