Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 2: In 10 Years

I'm loving in Huntsville so I'm praying that stays the same.
I love teaching and having a business so I have to say I hope that stays the same too.
I still want to keep exploring the world. I do not think I could ever get tired of exploring the world.
I would love to go on another mission trip at some point in the future.
I really want to start the after school program at church so we have less children by themselves at home.
I will be married by then to +Chris.
As far as what he will do in 10 years there is no telling. He may have a real empire by then.
I pray that Jackjack's cancer is gone for good so he can live a normal life.
He should have a couple of brothers and sisters by then.
I want to be involved in my kids' lives between being a strict but supportive mom. The only two things coming before my kids are my husband and God.
My kids will either go to private or homeschooled. Chris and I both hate public school (I do more than because I was there for awhile.)
I'm pretty sure that we will have family game night and family meetings (even if it's virtual.)
I want to teach my children sign language, French and Italian
I hope still have a lot of animals with our 32 fishes, 9 dogs, 3 turtles, and 2 cats.
As far as will I be a stay at home mom some but not completely.
I will raise my children as Christians and I will be a Sunday School teacher again.
I will tell them about my mistakes (seriously future daughter if he proposes after 7 days after asking you out RUN FAST! It's not love, he is lonely.)
I will let my children pick their denomination, however, I have a feeling they will come running back to Methodist real quick.
I'm going to be the wife that as soon as I hear the garage door close I'm screaming to hang up his labcoat/business coat. The one that rubs his feet and fixes his coffee in the morning and makes his lunch in the morning. (He makes mine the night before, lol, so I don't worry)
I doubt my kids will think I'm the coolest parent ever. I'll be called old school (or whatever phrase is popular then.)
Chris and I will continue to pray together before everything like we always have done so together.

So basically that's what I want in 10 years.

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