Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Day I Say I Do

I never dreamed of when I started this blog I would actually get to tell my readers that I'm engaged! Yes! You read that right! The guy that I have rambled on about throughout my blogs proposed to me.

What does being a bride to-be mean to me? Really that's not the question for me. What does being a bride to-be not mean to me? I don't want to be like Monica on Friends and make my wedding all about me. I'm sorry but a wedding is for two people not just one. I have only bought one wedding book and one wedding magazine. I plan on having a big wedding, yes, but an over the top full of frills? No. People think that I keep adding ideas to the ceremony because I want to show off. That's not true I want reminders when I'm older that one of the best days of my life really happened.

Being a bride to-be means finding new ways to surprise him. Planning new adventures for us. Reminding myself that I'm a simple girl that is caught in the middle. I'm torn between princess and sophistication. I know Chris and I agree on two things permanently about our wedding. We want it to be memorable and we don't want to be stressed out about it. What happens, well happens. We want people to remember our wedding as a night of fun and love. Not of the monogramming placements, intricate cakes, or ice sculptures. We want people to remember our dances we are already working so hard on. We want people to remember how we involved them. How we made them laugh and forget the hardness of life. We want our day to be our families and friends coming together to become one. Not his and hers anymore.

Yes we have started planning? Yes. Our engagement party is next week. We saved ourselves a headache and are only inviting immediate family and people we know will be in our wedding parties. The reason being we don't want to worry about inviting certain people and then not inviting them to the wedding. We are having it themed. We aren't doing Valentine's Day. Chris was the one to set this all up. He was going to make it a surprise party for me, but I have been having a rough couple of days and he didn't want to freak me out more. He went with the theme of Old Glamour Hollywood. That is just another reason why I love him. We both love vintage.

Speaking of vintage we are working on details to our wedding. We want a nice mix of vintage, ballroom, country and modern. In a sense that's who we are. We have made a pack not to stress over wedding details. We want things to be fun and memorable, not prim and unsatisfying. I owe a nice refreshing wedding to my family and friends because they waited the 22 years for me to find the perfect man.

We are going to begin our registries soon. I wanted to just skip those but Chris insisted I get the full wedding effect because I wouldn't be having another one. Our wedding website has also been created. We are working on the shell of it and then we are going to finish up with it and present it to our friends and family. I'm very excited about this. God has given so much to be thankful for throughout my life and he just keeps adding to my blessings list.

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