Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Happy Ash Wednesday Everyone!

Today begins a 40 day event for many Christians. We give up something that is to help us center our lives more on God. I am giving up movies and television. I realized in the past two months that those have zapped my time away from people. My time spent with the ones I hold dear should be spent engaging in them not interested in some fake couple's life.

I think after Lent I am going to evaluate just how much I watch in a given week and fix it where I can do more things without being entertained by media couples. A quote I found on Pinterest the other day read, "Don't compare your love story to those you watch in movies. They're written by scriptwriters. Yours is written by God." People just jump into relationships and it gets hard on them. Past issues return and the things get hard and suddenly people are praying and asking Him to bless the relationship. I hear so many people ask why God didn't answer their prayers or why did God not give them what they wanted. Well sometimes it's hard not to tell them, "Well how did you bless and glorify God before asking Him of that?" "How many times has something good happened and you didn't thank Him for that blessing?"

Our preacher even admitted that in social relationships he forgets to center it around God. He said he would be in a relationship and then ask God to bless it and God pretty much tells him, "No I didn't lead you to this. I don't want this for you." That spoke amazing things to me. God wants our attention. You can't derive off the path of His and expect great things to happen to you. My mother wrote in her journals a quote she loved. "If you prayed for a sunny day and it still rains God is watering the food that someone, maybe you, will eat some day." God knows who will bless Him when the good things happen and who will ignore the fact God gave them a blessing.

How easy would it have been for Jesus to give into Satan? Knowing that you were sent to Earth to die for people's sins that you haven't even met face to face. You have to die even though you have never sinned. I think today's people would have turned the stones into bread, jumped from the building and what's worse there is people worshiping the devil in this day and age. Jesus fought for us, why don't we fight for him?

To me God is really leading me to this. A lot is going on at the moment. I would love to know what you are giving up for Lent. Whether it be sugar, chocolate, porn, television, secular music, etc. I'd love to know about my readers. 

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