Sunday, August 10, 2014

What I Love About Sundays

It's pretty love to any day of the week but Sunday brings so many emotions and feelings that's it's a shame to not post about them.

  • Waking up the smell of coffee and the crisp paper smells of the newspaper.
  • Sitting down to take out the pin curls that I placed last night, I feel like my great grandmother.
  • Feeling his fingers on my bare skin as he zips my dress up.
  • Looking up in his eyes as I fix his tie. 
  • Realizing that the adorable outfit I bought Jackjack already has jelly on it. 
  • Going up the stairs slowly in heels.
  • Getting hugged by almost complete strangers.
  • Singing and getting a warm feeling.
  • Writing Bible verses that I want to go back and have highlighted with notes.
  • Holding Jackjack up so he can see the words to the song even though he only recognises a few words. 
  • Feeling Chris's hand on my lower back while we sing.
  • Feeling him rub my shoulder during the sermon.
  • Watching people cry because they are getting saved or rededicating their lives
  • Ditching the heels when we leave because it's raining and I am not busting it on the stairs. 
  • Getting picked up spontaneously and him handing me Jackjack and the handle to the umbrella.
  • Laughing so hard when he almost drops me and Jackjack because he can't open the door. 
  • Freezing on the way home because we all wet and Chris forgets to turn the AC off.
  • Getting out of the "monkey clothes"
  • Putting Jackjack down for a nap
  • Realizing it's raining on a Sunday and putting Keith Urban's song to truth.
  • Cutting out coupons
  • Ice cream trips
  • Wishing Sunday Football was coming on
  • Planning out the week with my planner
  • Blogging about it.
Is this typical? Mostly. Is this about today? You bet!

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