Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Don't Let It End

We have been married almost three months and quite honestly? Why did I wait this long? I love being married. I know most people jump to the fact that Chris and I can't keep ourselves off of each other or the stupid people think it's the money. That's the last thing on my mind.

The things that make this the best decision of my life?

When he listens to me about how the washi tape won't go on straight and he makes suggestions.

Listening to him talk about his businesses (finally only took three years!)

Holding hands - Seriously we do it at home too. 

We still start our day together in bed with a prayer. And when we are apart for a short time now we still greet each other with prayer and a kiss. 

Sitting together in church, and nudging each other when something applies to each other, or someone else we know.

When he pretends to be mimicking me snoring and I hit him with a pillow.

Realizing that he filled up the Keurig when he used the last cup of water.

Waking me when he thinks something is wrong instead of being a manly man that he pretends to be.

Heading upstairs together, yes sometimes we race.

Race in the mornings -- bumping the stroller into his legs when he gets in front of me.

Doing the dishes together and laughing as we pop each other with the dish rag.

Admiring him secretly until he catches me and I turn just as red as I did three years ago.

Folding his tshirt his certain way, because I have my own Sheldon Cooper.

Kissing him on the lips... And kissing him with more than lips because we finally can.

Laughing when he falls out of bed because apparently my mechanical pencil sounds like scissors in his sleep.

Praying over the adoption paper together. 

Watching him teach Jackjack.

Praying for him when he seems anxious or moody instead of pestering him.

Falling asleep on him on the couch and waking up in pajamas and in the bed.

Reading Trying To Conceive books together for when we finally start trying.

Tripping him and jumping over him when my planner or planner things arrive and he knows it and tries to beat me.

Dancing -- All the time, anywhere.

Our nicknames for everyone -- We have our own code, be jealous.

We lift each other up, especially him to me because I am so much shorter than him.

Thanking God for another day with him, when he eats the last cookie without offering it. 

Snuggle up with him at night.

Hiding his hairdryer...and watching his hair go wild.

Squirting water in his face with the pool noodle and running from him.

Playing with Jackjack and noticing he is watching me.

Turning on the TV when he gets into the video game and going for a walk and coming back together and conquering that level together.

Making "potions" together and breaking the blender and laughing so hard we were crying.

Serve each other with a happy face -- The Bible tells us to do so, so we do.

Honestly? I can say I don't hold grudges against him. He makes up for the mistake he has made.

Laughing at each other's joke even if we have heard it a million times. ( Like him running away from Amanda faster than Snape running from shampoo. )

Trying to keep calm when he cuts his finger open with tinfoil box because he couldn't let Nate be the only stupid one with stitches in his finger. 

Professing our love to each other publically all the time. I love the weird looks we get when he is on the other side of Sam's Club and screams "ODETTE I LOVE YOU LIKE SNAPE LOVED LILY!"

Yes we love each other but we are the people having way more than seems necessarily or even possible.

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