Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drip Drop

I was originally suppose to be blogging about Diagon Alley but I decided against it. Why? Because it started raining. I was just drawn to get out in it. I put Jackjack in boots and myself. We were splashing around and having a great time. Then magic happened. I felt arms encircle me.

The working giant had emerged from his cave and we have spent sometime dancing in the rain and the puddles. Chris laughing and letting his hair get soaking wet while spinning Jackjack and me around and around. We all looked like drenched rats but it felt good.

Honestly, it felt like weights had been lifted. Just because we are married doesn't mean we have to be all adult all the time. We have love. Love isn't suppose to be boring. It awakens the soul. And the love that flowed today did awaken me. It made me laugh, giggle, and grin like I was in hog heaven.

It feels good having my man dance and do amazing things with me. I never even have to ask.

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